The Twins of Franklin

Laura Lou and Becky Shaheen: The Twins of Franklin

Rooted in the Twin Cities, they’ve performed all over the world together, ranging from Hong Kong, China to the beautiful Orchestra Hall (MPLS). Both have recorded parallel solo albums: Laura’s first E.P release, “Seduction Lullaby,” and Becky Shaheen’s most recent release, “Serial Dream.” Begrudgingly accepting their given title, “The Twins of Franklin,” they continue to back each other up both musically and as dear friends, singing together until their dying days in rocking chairs.



“The Twins of Franklin are a dynamic duo that bring something different to every show. The pair dub themselves as ‘vocal chameleons’ allowing them to float effortlessly through different genres. Tight harmonies, delightful ballads and zesty uptempo folk are just a few things to look forward to in a live performance with the Twins. Laura Lou and Becky Shaheen are song writers hailing in the Twin Cities that support one another’s music both with their specific musical stylings but also as very close friends. They have performed all over the world together, literally, and plan to continue to do so!”
-Becky’s Dad